We’re Hiring!

Leafstone Landscapes in Bedford, OH is hiring qualified landscape crew members.

Applicants must be highly motivated individuals, able to complete tasks in an efficient manner, and bring a positive attitude to the workplace. Applicants must be willing to work in all types of weather and adapt to working in both hot and cold temperatures. Applicants must be able to comfortably lift 50-75 lbs.  At least 2 years experience is required. Positions include commercial/residential landscape installation crews, mowing/maintenance crews, and landscape enhancement crews.  $12-$15/hour based on skills and experience.

  • Full time work
  • Potential Overtime work
  • Valid Driver License is required.
  • We are a drug and smoke free company.

Email Resume and a brief description of experience/qualifications to: leafstoneohio@att.net

Or call Caleb for more Information: 440-836-4644



Brazytis Lawn Care is becoming LeafStone Landscapes!

Welcome to our new name.

This Spring, Brazytis Lawn Care will begin operating under the name LeafStone Landscapes, and I’d like to explain why.

Over 13 years ago, we started out of our parents two-car garage on Jefferson St. We had two push mowers, one pickup truck, and a whole lot of excitement. We had no idea how big things were going to get- in fact, we didn’t care! We just gave each property our best, and had fun doing it!

Fast forward to 2015; we now provide landscaping services to the entire Greater Cleveland area, and do so much more than just lawn care: from weekly maintenance and lawn treatments, to full size landscaping projects like new lawns, patios, and stairways! We believe our new name better expresses our full line of services, as well as being easier to spell and pronounce!

What does this mean for you? Your account with us remains the same, as well as all of our contact information, and the great team of landscapers you’ve come to rely on!

If you have ANY questions on how our name change may affect your service, feel free to contact me directly at: 440-429-5185 or leafstone@brazytislawncare.com

We look forward to an exciting year, thanks for being a part of our journey!

~Josh Brazytis

for the LeafStone management team

Why the right Snow Plow Contractor Matters

As we prepare for another snow plowing season here in Northeast Ohio, it’s important to choose the right snow plowing company. The weather here in Greater Cleveland can be quite unpredictable, but your snow removal company should be one thing you can rely on this winter.
Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a contractor to plow your driveway, or a commercial client looking for a full service salting and snow plowing on your parking lot, and walks to be shoveled, here’s six tips to help you find the best snow plowing companies in Cleveland Ohio.

1. Reliability.
Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Your mailbox will be stuffed this fall with advertisements assuring you of reliable service, but what will really happen when the snow falls? Will you be able to roll out of the garage after a snowfall, or will your driveway look like the arctic tundra?
A good contractor leaves behind a trail of happy customers, ask your neighbors and friends who they use, or research prospective companies via Facebook, Google, Angies List, or http://myohiolandscape.com . Bad service is easily reported now more than ever, thanks to social media!

2. Price.
There’s an old saying: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.” Charging extremely high prices is ethically a questionable practice, but really low prices should be a cause for alarm; even the most well-intentioned contractor can run out of money when he charges too little for his services. This can lead to poor service later in the season, cancelled insurance policies, or no service at all during a harsh winter.

3. Contract Details.
Read your contract. Ask questions. It’s always better to figure out the details now, instead of during a massive snow storm. Trust me, it always pays to know what your contract says!

4. Insurance.
Ask your snowplowing contractor for a certificate of insurance, it doesn’t cost them a thing, and can save you a major headache later on. If you’re a commercial client, ask to be named as additional insured on the certificate.

5. Equipment.
Does your contractor use late-model equipment? Does he have strict maintenance standards? Again, don’t be afraid to ask questions! Out of date and ill-prepared trucks and equipment can quickly have a negative impact on your life when the snow starts to fly!

6. Salt Supply.
Here in the Midwest, we will be facing another salt shortage this season. Make sure your snow removal provider is taking steps to conserve their salt supply. It will take foresight and planning to make it through another harsh winter.

As a final thought, just remember that we snow plowing contractors enjoy seeing clean driveways and parking lots as much as you do, and sometimes the best weapons against a non-stop snowstorm are a little understanding and patience on both sides!

Brazytis Lawn Care Receives Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Brazytis Lawn Care announced today that it has received Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation.

“Accreditation is an honor – many businesses are not eligible,” said David Weiss, BBB president. “Businesses that meet our high standards are invited to apply for accreditation. Applicants undergo a review process and ultimate approval by our Board of Directors.”

Businesses seeking BBB accreditation must commit to the BBB Code of Business Practices. The Code is a comprehensive set of policies, procedures and best practices on how businesses treat consumers. These standards call for building trust, embodying integrity, advertising honestly and telling the truth, being transparent, honoring promises, being responsive and safeguarding privacy. BBB was founded in 1912 with a mission of fostering a fair marketplace and continues to be a resource for the public, providing objective, unbiased information about businesses. Reports on over three million businesses and charities are available at cleveland.bbb.org. A key piece of information that helps consumers make informed decisions is whether a company is BBB accredited. According to BBB, seven of 10 consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company designated as a BBB Accredited Business.

“We are proud to be a BBB Accredited Business,” said Josh Brazytis. “It signifies our commitment to customer service, reliability and trust. For any organization to excel in today’s environment, it is critical that they be fully committed to excellence. Our acknowledgment by the BBB aligns with and supports our efforts of providing superior service in the marketplace.”

Brazytis Lawn Care offers high quality lawn care and landscaping to the entire Greater Cleveland Area.

How Financing Can Impact Your Landscape!

Here in the Landscape Industry, we always say “timing is everything”. But what do you do when finances are a temporary obstacle? When that bare dirt yard on your new house is crying out for sod, but the kitchen floor is crying louder?

Most times, we think the solution is making that landscape project wait until the money is available up front…… But then weather and the time of year can be a HUGE obstacle to overcome, from the scorching heat of mid-summer, to the unpredictable weather and sometimes even snows of late fall. Countless times, I’ve seen our Installation Team give a project their best shot, just to see Mother Nature ruin our best laid plans. Scorched seedlings in a new lawn, fungus on young shrubs from too much moisture….. the list is endless! What if we can avoid these calamities simply by using correct timing? Here’s some examples of good timing:

  • New Lawn Installation: Spring (before temps reach the 80’s) or early Fall
  • Trees and Shrubs: Early Fall
  • Groundcover and Perennials: Spring
  • Mulching: Early Spring
  • Patios and Walkways: Midsummer (when the ground is dry and the most stable)

With the Financing tools we have available now, we can do these projects when the time is right, and not compromise our finances. Bill Me Later, from PayPal, is a great example; any purchase over $99 through Bill Me Later, is eligible for “6 months same as cash” financing, allowing your new landscape to be installed and thriving before your first payment is even due!

Feel free to talk to either Caleb or Josh about what you’d like to see happen in your yard this season, and how we can help you finance your landscape.

Three Steps to a Weed Free Landscape

flower-photo-sliderWithout a doubt, weeds are the biggest threat to a great looking landscape. The best laid plans and highest quality plants can easily be destroyed by an invasion of weeds. We’ve seen thistles render a property unrecognizable in just a couple weeks! Here’s a couple of tips that can keep this from happening:

1. Prevention

Getting out there and treating the beds early in the season (ESPECIALLY if you can’t see any weeds!) is key to controlling the weeds later on. Our maintenance programs start early in the spring for this very reason.

2. Upkeep

Spraying and/or pulling needs to be done NO LESS than once a month….
Any longer then that, and a complete invasion is pretty likely!

3. Fall Treatment

This can make a HUGE difference in how your planting beds look in the spring. Pulling a few weeds in October or November can impact how much work you have in April.

Following these three steps can this can help give you  get a handle on keeping your landscape weed free and looking great all season long! As always, we’re always available to answer your landscaping questions. Feel
free to call, email, or contact us via our Facebook page.